When Execution Counts

Swat Coaching Team

Health Hero

Zazeh is a key member of the Inspiraction SWAT team. Her experience, qualifications and access to a wide range of approaches help people to smash through specific health & fitness challenges.  She is a Certified Emotion/Body Code practitioner, Personal Trainer & Health Coach.  Zazeh provides specialist knowledge in areas like nutrition, releasing trapped emotions, supplementation, exercise and weight loss.  What she doesn’t know about health, wellness and fitness, isn’t worth knowing!  Zazeh prides herself in the fact that all of the tools and products she uses with her clients, she has tried and tested on herself first;

“I don’t recommend anything I haven’t done, eaten or used myself – My SOLE purpose is getting the best results for my clients, using a holistic approach”.

Professional Stylist & Colour Image Consultant 

If you need some help landing a promotion, putting a corporate wardrobe together, defining a ‘personal brand’ or just want to know your Image and style in general, Ros Holden can definitely help.

Ros  has been in the business for a decade and will show you the secrets to look your absolute best.   Consider a SWAT session with Ros and gain the confidence to stand out from the crowd.


Kiwi Neuro-Coach

Shawna Fraser is an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF and an accomplished senior business manager with more than 15 years’ experience overhauling underperforming services across a wide range of disciplines.

Shawna believes exceptional leaders are clear about their purpose (why), their values (how) and their vision (what) and that by shifting the brain’s focus from content to context, we can unlock the most powerful leadership qualities we possess.

With a no-nonsense yet engaging style, Shawna is exceptional at leading complex business and behavioural change to transform performance.