When Execution Counts



Bloody emails! Ever had that gut wrenching feeling after being out of the office for a week and knowing that you will now need to spend another half a day just wading through your inbox?  E-mail overload is a huge problem for many people today.

Each day, about 39.7 billion person-to-person e-mails & 40.5 billion pieces of spam (un-solicited commercial emails) are sent worldwide. The average white-collar worker in Australia receives around 150 emails a day!  What’s even scarier is that taking into account most people check their emails at least 9 times a day, and that it takes us 4 minutes to re-focus our mind on on a task after being distracted by email, then on average we are losing over half an hour every day through this one habit alone!

My productivity tip for you this week – DECLARE EMAIL FREE FRIDAYS. On Fridays, make it a rule that you simply pick up the phone or walk across the corridor to your colleague’s office and meet with them face to face.  Not only will you have more time to focus and problem solve for your clients you will also increase the quality of your connections and build more trust and intimacy in your working relationships.  Imagine what would happen if everyone in your team or organisation implemented this single idea!

Lastly, if you don’t have a system to manage your emails and would like to, or the thought of deleting your entire inbox and starting again terrifies you, give us a call for a Free Spark Assessment.  Email overload is a curable disorder 🙂

Cheering you on to greater productivity & performance