When Execution Counts

Corporate Training

Leadership in the 21st Century is filled with unprecedented challenges.  Information overload, multi-generational workplaces, digital distraction, global management and retaining talent, just to name a few.  It is no longer technical skill or qualifications that make a leader outstanding.  It is their ability to create and articulate an inspiring vision, to maintain focus under pressure (self regulation) and be able to motivate themselves and others that distinguishes the good from the exceptional leader – mind over matter if you like.

In addition, for first time in history more people are being paid to think rather than to do.  This means that there is a pressing need for organisations to develop leaders in self/brain mastery and to invest in improving the quality of thinking.  Knowing how the brain works and understanding it’s limitations will encourage changes to work practices and improve cognitive and psychological flexibility in your people.  Embracing a ‘brain friendly approach to work will significantly impact your bottom line; reduce sick leave and staff turn over, increase overall productivity and performance, tap innovation and foster a collaborative team culture, whilst supporting staff to better manage their own personal wellbeing in the future.  Everyone wins!

Inspiraction Coaching & Training offer a suite of tailored Corporate and Business training programs with topics such as:  Outsmart Your Brain, The Magic of Mindfulness, Time Warriors & Inspired Leadership.  We will work with you to plan and deliver a high impact program addressing your areas of concern.  We are also equipped to train your Learning & Development team in our brain based methodologies so the results are easily sustained and new employees are able to benefit in the future.

Change behaviour at the source with the My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment. Individuals can compare their brain with others of the same age, sex and level of education on-line in less than 45 minutes. Receive 12 months access to a multitude of brain training exercises specifically designed to build capacity in deficit areas.  Combined with coaching support leaders will be able to rewire their brains to suit their role.

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