When Execution Counts



My wife and I have used Kendra’s services in the sphere of personal and business coaching. Looking to increase and expand our healthcare business, we new that this would require a change of thinking and a review of our limiting beliefs, as well as a re-appraisal of our values and goals. Kendra’s easy and amiable communication style enabled us to challenge our preconceptions in a clear and enlightening way, and she gave us many valuable and useful cutting edge psychological resources to aid us in our objectives. By the end of her coaching program our monthly gross income increased by an average of 25% compared to previous months. I have no doubt that this was directly attributable to role she played as our coach. I would highly recommend Kendra to anyone struggling to get out of a rut, or for those wanting to break out of their self-imposed limitations and progress to a new level.

~Dr Allan Kalamir – Synergy Health & Wellbeing Centre


“Kendra’s personality is captivating. She will grab your attention and your imagination from the get go, and she won’t let you go until you have a firm grasp on the course content. She is supportive, intuitive (and fun!) but she’s also a true professional, focusing on delivery of course objectives. Kendra relates to all her trainees by acknowledging who they are and who they want to be. She shares personal experience and strong, relevant analogies and anecdotes to reinforce learning. What makes Kendra really special is her willingness to support learning beyond the classroom. I immediately took to Kendra, and after 36 hours of training, my respect for her has only grown. I look forward to working with her again.”

~Shawna Fraser, Senior Business Manager NZ

Kendra is a superb trainer with her energy and style.  She is highly engaging and instinctively knew when energy was flagging and took a short break to reenergise the group.  One of the best trainers I have experienced for some time.

~Ronan – IT Manager

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed today’s training session. I found your workshop to be professional and challenging. I was astounded at how much we covered in a few hours. After having done lots of other personal development programs, I was surprised at how much I learnt.  Great value for money!

~Troy, General Manager

Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your encouragement & support! You seemed to know when to push and when to give me the space I needed to discover the answers for myself.

~Linda, Aged Care Manager

I have gained more confidence in my management style and strengthened my toolkit, particularly around having hard conversations.  I recommend this program to all managers.

~ Carlo Fogale, Area Manager Toll

In my sessions with Kendra I feel I achieved a lot – we covered all the areas of development I wanted to discuss and I left each conversation with an action plan and new ideas/tools in which to implement. At the start of the process I wondered whether it would be awkward or forced having not met Kendra face to face however I found her to very engaging and open – which enabled me to have ‘real conversations with her.

~ Katy H, Senior Manager MARS

Kendra is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met in my entire life. She’s sensitive to everyone and their predicaments, situations and general life’s happenings. I wouldn’t risk my reputation in my business or my life unless I knew 100% that she would look after anybody I recommend to see her.

~Stefano, Music Teacher

Kendra has turned my life around. I had little self confidence and had resigned myself to being too old to change. Now at 65, life has new meaning. I am finally my own person.

~Anne, Retiree

Inspiraction perfectly describes what you do so well! With your guidance I have got into action & begun living again & more importantly, I believe in myself again.

~Karen, R.N.

I am very happy with the results that Catherine has achieved and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in her work. I will recommend your services to anyone who needs them in the future.

~Leanne, Sales Manage

Just having someone to answer to, who is on my side and wants me to succeed is the biggest benefit of coaching for me. I don’t think I would have done so much so quickly without you there to cheer me on & hold me accountable.

~Maureen, M.L.M

I just want to thank you for today’s goal setting workshop.  My first experience with you was indeed excellent.  I was challenged, inspired and motivated all in just 2 hours.

~Ralph, Property developer

Coaching a coach can be quite tricky at times, but you weren’t fooled.  I am amazed at the number of insights you extracted from me during each session. Everyone needs to experience “Kendra” at least once.

~Rose, Life Coach

Your workshop delivered a 16% increase in my business in the past 3 months alone! They listened to what you said and applied it! When will you come and run another?

~Rodney, Franchisor

I feel championed thank you. Now I have the clarity, strategies and resources at my disposal I am excited about the future of my new business.  Thank you for your generosity and expert coaching.

~Melinda, Social Worker

Marsden's Law Group

That was great!  So many of these planning events drag on and on, but yours was engaging, fun and brought everyone together while achieving an outcome. We will absolutely get you back

~ Nevine Family Law Partner