When Execution Counts



All Workshops Can Be Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Your Organisation

Mindful Leadership

Participants will increase awareness of themselves and their style as leaders and identify what is in the gap for them. This Workshop covers the neuroscience of leading, building relationships, giving feedback, time management, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Participants gain skills and increase confidence to motivate, lead and give feedback.

NLP – The art of influence

This interactive workshop will assist you to discover how to motivate others, build deep rapport quickly and use basic change techniques designed to generate engagement and responsibility in others, on a conscious or unconscious level. Topics covered are: limiting beliefs, values utilisation & preferred representational systems. This program is perfect for business owners and managers.

Coaching Essentials

Grow your people, grow your business!
This 1 day program is designed to train Front line staff and Managers in the key skills of coaching. Polish the soft skills needed to build rapport and effectively motivate and influence others. Learn to apply a coaching style & structure within your meetings, performance reviews and workplace communications, that generates responsibility and enthusiasm.

Goal Setting for Success

Covers a variety of aspects about setting goals; the power of having a vision, strategies & acknowledgment. Discover the 5 essential criteria for goals and the support structures that will ensure your success. Using real examples, role playing and brainstorming techniques, participants will achieve clarity on what is really important and fulfilling for them, setting goals in these key areas. At the end of the session participants will know how to apply new techniques that will assist them in creating, managing and achieving goals.

Finding Balance In Chaos

Using the wheel of balance, participants quickly and clearly see how their life is working right now and how balanced (or unbalanced) it is across many different areas eg work, health, finances, relationships etc. The outcome of the session includes participants being able to identify the impact of not balancing work and other areas of their life, as well as applying strategies to manage this. A well balanced person is happier, more effective and productive.

Seamless Teams

This workshop focuses on turning groups of individuals into powerful cohesive teams. In this program, participants build skills in building relationships, conflict resolution and teamwork. Upon completion, participants will know the structure of the 4 stages in team development, have the strategies to manage them and will be connected, committed and able to move forward together towards a common purpose – seamlessly.

Inspiraction also conducts quarterly personal development workshops, for Women Out West (WOW). Topics include “Outsmart your brain”“The Power of Vision”“Life Management For Manic Mums” and “Be Happy Now”. Please contact us for more details.